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Public Procurement Institute

Public Procurement Institute

Institute of Public and Regulated Procurement, Competition Policy and Anticorruption Technologies (Public Procurement Institute)

Moscow, Russia


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Public Procurement Institute is the oldest Russian educational centre in the field of public procurement. It was founded in 1998 and since this time carries out scientific, educative and expert work in the field of government and municipal procurement, other kind of government controlled purchases including corruption development matters and corruption therapy sphere.

We’ve got more than 24 000 representatives of federal, regional and municipal bodies, executives of private and public organizations as auditors of our educational programs.

Every week our experts participate in short-term seminars – tutorials, discussions on different subjects concerning the system of public procurement. The institute often holds on-site workshops in all courses provided – generally in programs as well as in particular disciplines. We also deal with complicated architectural and medical procurement. Our lawyers consult the biggest public procurement in scientific and educational sphere.

Public Procurement Institute advises on public and corporate procurement in Russia. We help both our customers – procurement arrangers and commercial companies – procurement participants. We are proud our experts to have worked out number of statutory acts on procurement for the biggest Russian regions.

Since 2006, scientific research carried out by the Institute is worth 3 mln $.

Public Procurement Institute is ready to cooperate both with Russian and foreign public organizations and commercial companies.

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