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Personal exhibition “City Trip(p)er. 10 years of the Real World as it is”

December 2, 2022 Leave a comment

Personal_exh_mPersonal exhibitionCity Trip(p)er. 10 years of the Real World as it is”


1 World, 10 Seasons, 100+ Trips, 70 Countries, 300 Cities, 50 Events, 50 Places, 1000+ Photos, just Episode I

This personal exhibition contains the most interesting photos of city infrastructure solutions, weird and funny moments of life and people relationship.

Smile and evolve yourself. It’s all about it.

The full exhibition is here.



I have always believed that you need to live your life consciously.

If you can do this, at the end of your life it will not hurt you that you didn’t have time to do something.

And everyone must find their own answer to the question of how to do it.

My logical sequence is

  • determine what areas your life consists of
  • analyze each area
  • set goals in each area to achieve them in the future
  • spend your resources on achieving these goals

In case of changing life views, you can re-conduct this analysis.

And for me one of my top goals is traveling.


When planning my travels, I chose the way to visit a specific region and explore all the planned places and events.

My way to find such places and events is by analyzing the following lists

  • Wonders of the World
  • Natural Wonders of the World
  • UNESCO World Heritage
  • Sights of the region
  • Map of the region
  • Megacities in the region
  • World events in the region


The rules for a successful travel are

  • check visa requirements
  • book accommodation and transfers
  • buy insurance
  • prepare copies of all documents on your smartphone and the Internet
  • prepare cash and bank cards
  • prepare photo equipment
  • check the type of electrical outlets in the region
  • have travel apps on your smartphone
  • clean up the Feng Shui area in the house, which is responsible for traveling 😉

Top 30 photos

30. Industrial scale production

29. The main national support

28. The journey of a lifetime begins with the first step

27. Waiting for the rocket launch. Beautiful sunset today is not the main event

26. Personal freedom

25. State sea

24. Covid reality

23. Reality of censorship

22. Covid panorama view

21. On the Top

20. The capitalist approach is: to be the most inventive in your profession – seems to be the most successful

19. Pedestrian

18. Instead of washing glasses

17. Gorgeous

16. DiscipLine. German version

15. Simple Phila

14. Anything for the content. American version

13. Simple SanFran

12. Free people

11. Cause and effect. Serbian version

10. Daily work

9. Will we have enough of ours?

8. Blessed fishing

7. Simple Vienna

6. Simple Newark

5. British family

4. The question and the answer

3. Simple Kiev

2. American naughtiness

1. Love is the brightest human feeling that guides you and gives you the purpose of your life

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