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The article “The Single International Procurement System”

The article presents design principles and steps for creating the single international procurement system.







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The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

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National Academy of Sciences of BelarusThe National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Minsk, Belarus

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The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is the highest state scientific organization of the Republic of Belarus, a country in the middle of Europe. The National Academy of Sciences is reported to the President of the Republic of Belarus, accountable to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus and carries out the organization and coordination of fundamental and applied research performed by all subjects of scientific activities, provides fundamental and applied research and developments in the main directions of natural, engineering, social sciences, the humanities and arts with the purposes of obtaining new knowledge about human, society, nature and artificial objects, increasing the scientific and technical, intellectual and spiritual potential of the Republic of Belarus. The National Academy of Sciences carries out the organization, conduction and coordination of the state of scientific expertise, pursues common state policy, coordination and state regulation of activities of organizations in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes, serves as an umbrella organization of Belarus on scientific and methodological support of informatization development, and also carries out, accordingly to the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus” and the Statute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, some functions of a republican body of state management in the field of science.

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Eastern-European Scientific Journal

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Eastern-European Scientific Journal

Eastern-European Scientific Journal (журнал “Восточно-Европейский научный журнал”)

DOI 10.12851/EESJ201304

№ 2


Dusseldorf, Germany (Дюссельдорф, Германия)


Статья “Единая международная система закупок: принципы разработки и потенциал использования” (The Single International Procurement System: Principles of Development and the Potential of Using)

В статье представлены принципы разработки, этапы создания и преимущества использования единой международной системы закупок.

Eastern-European Scientific Journal_01Eastern-European Scientific Journal_02Eastern-European Scientific Journal_03Eastern-European Scientific Journal_04Eastern-European Scientific Journal_05Eastern-European Scientific Journal_06Eastern-European Scientific Journal_07