Personal exhibition “Active Nature. 10 years of the Unreal Nature as it is”

Active 100

Name Type Result Emotion
Camel Animal ride Сompleted
Elephant Animal ride Сompleted
Horse Animal ride
Dolphin Animal swim
Shark Animal swim
Air tube Fly
Airplane Fly Сompleted +
Flyboard Fly
Flying in zero gravity Fly
Hang glider Fly
Helicopter Fly
Hot air balloon Fly Сompleted +
MiG-29 Flight Fly
Paragliding Fly Сompleted +
Parasailing Fly Сompleted +
Space rocket Fly
Bookmaker Gambling Сompleted
Poker Gambling Сompleted
Roulette Gambling Сompleted
Bungee Jump
Cliff Jump
Parachute Jump
Springboard Jump
Trampoline Jump
Quiz game Mind Сompleted
Rubik’s Cube Mind
Guitar Music
Synthesizer Music
Billiards Play Сompleted +
Bowling Play Сompleted +
Chess Play Сompleted
Darts Play Сompleted +
Go Play
Petanque Play
Auto rickshaw Ride Сompleted +
Boat Ride Сompleted +
Drift taxi Ride
Ferris wheel Ride Сompleted +
Gondola Ride Сompleted +
Maglev Ride Сompleted +
Rickshaw Ride Сompleted +
Roller coaster Ride Сompleted
Train Ride Сompleted +
Tyrolean traverse Ride Сompleted +
Archery Shoot Сompleted +
Gun Shoot Сompleted
Bike Skill Сompleted +
Buggy Skill Сompleted +
Car Skill Сompleted +
Car drift Skill
Car drugrace Skill
Car on radio Skill Сompleted +
Catamaran Skill
Cook Skill Сompleted
Dancing Skill Сompleted
Drawing Skill Сompleted +
Drone Skill
F1 Pit Stop Skill
F1 Simulator Skill
Fishing Skill Сompleted
Focus Skill
Hunting Skill
Juggle Skill
Karting Skill Сompleted +
Kayaking Skill
Kite Skill
Kitesurfing Skill
Motorcycle Skill
Photographing Skill Сompleted +
Pose Skill Сompleted +
Quad bike Skill Сompleted +
Rafting Skill Сompleted +
Rollers Skill
Sailboat Skill
Scooter Skill
Segway Skill
Sing Skill
Skateboard Skill
Skates Skill
Ski Skill Сompleted
Snowboard Skill
SUP Surfing Skill
Wakeboard Skill
Water bike Skill
Wind SUP Skill
Wind Surfing Skill
Basketball Sport Сompleted +
Fencing Sport
Football Sport Сompleted
Squash Sport
Table tennis Sport Сompleted +
Tennis Sport Сompleted +
Volleyball Sport Сompleted
Fountain Swim
Open water Swim Сompleted
Pool Swim Сompleted +
Scuba diving Swim Сompleted +
Snorkeling Swim Сompleted +
Mountain Climb Tourism
Spend the night in a tent Tourism

Nature 100 

Name Type Country Result
Bahamas Beach Bahamas
Bali Beach Indonesia
Beach of the Cathedrals Beach Spain
Bora Bora Beach French Polynesia
Canary Islands Beach Spain
Fiji Beach Fiji
Giant’s Causeway Beach United Kingdom
Haiti Beach Haiti
Hawaii Beach USA
Maho Beach Saint Martin
Maldives Beach Maldives
Mauritius Beach Mauritius
Navagio Beach Greece
Reynisfjara Beach Iceland
Seychelles Beach Seychelles
Tahiti Beach French Polynesia
Vaadhoo Beach Maldives
Varadero Beach Cuba
Antelope Canyon Canyon USA
Grand Canyon Canyon USA Сompleted
Horseshoe Bend Canyon USA
Benagil Cave Cave Portugal
Cavernas de Marmol Cave Chile
Skaftafell Ice Cave Cave Iceland
Son Doong Cave Vietnam
Waitomo Glowworm Caves Cave New Zealand
Sahara Desert Egypt С
Angel Falls Falls Venezuela
Iguazu Falls Falls Brazil
Niagara Falls Falls USA Сompleted
Victoria Falls Falls Zimbabwe
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove Forest Japan С
Avenue of the Baobabs Forest Madagascar
Fly Geyser Geyser USA
Valley of Geysers Geyser Russia
Mendenhall Glacier Glacier USA
Perito Moreno Glacier Glacier Argentina
Franz Josef Land Island Russia
Galapagos Islands Island Ecuador
James Bond Island Island Thailand
Kubu Island Island Botswana
Novaya Zemlya Island Russia
Socotra Island Yemen
Lake Baikal Lake Russia Сompleted
Lake Elton Lake Russia
Lake Louise Lake Canada
Lake Retba Lake Senegal
Loch Ness Lake United Kingdom
Moraine Lake Lake Canada
Salar de Uyuni Lake Bolivia
Spotted Lake Lake Canada
Great Blue Hole Marine sinkhole Belize
Thor’s Well Marine sinkhole USA
Alps Mount Italy Сompleted
Matterhorn Mount Italy
Mount Everest Mount Nepal
Mount Fuji Mount Japan
Mount Kilimanjaro Mount Tanzania
Table Mountain Mount South Africa
Tianmen Mountain Mount China
Vinicunca Mount Peru
Arches National Park National Park USA
Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park Belarus Сompleted
Goblin Valley State Park National Park USA
Komodo National Park National Park Indonesia
Lassen Volcanic National Park National Park USA
Serengeti National Park National Park Tanzania
Yellowstone National Park National Park USA
Zhangye National Geopark National Park China
Putorana Plateau Plateau Russia
North Pole Point Russia
Great Barrier Reef Reef Australia
Amazon River River Brazil
Ganges River India
Jordan River River Israel Сompleted
Puerto Princesa Underground River River Philippines
Cappadocia Rock Turkey Сompleted
Cliffs of Moher Rock Ireland
Devils Tower Rock USA
Fjord Rock Norway Сompleted
Halong Bay Rock Vietnam Сompleted
Lena Pillars Rock Russia
Manpupuner Rock Russia
Meteora Rock Greece Сompleted
Ruskeala Rock Russia Сompleted
Shkhery Rock Russia Сompleted
Troll tongue Rock Norway
Twelve Apostles Rock Australia
Uluru Rock Australia
Wulingyuan Rock China
Dead Sea Sea Israel Сompleted
Aurora Sky Norway
Earth’s orbit Space Earth
Blue Lagoon Thermal spring Iceland С
Pamukkale Thermal spring Turkey Сompleted
Death Valley Valley USA
Monument Valley Valley USA
Mu Cang Chai rice terraces Valley Vietnam
Wadi Rum Valley Jordan
Yosemite Valley Valley USA
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