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Online Educational Course “Buying or Selling: Negotiating and Contracting”

By Moses Manuel

Creation of formalized agreement is a critical part of business performance and revenue generation. When in business either as Buying or Selling organization Negotiating and Contracting is key and one has no choice but to be good at it. Success in this set will depend on your ability to turn a NO into YES and not just that, negotiate terms that favor YOU. The thing is, with contracts come issues such as conflicts over performance and costs, timing, and quality of supplies, hence the need to negotiate if one is going to achieve the kind of results they expect.This mini course gives a summary of the process and activities you will go through as you do your negotiating and contracting.

Who is the target audience?
  • CIPS students
  • Business persons
  • Procurement / purchasing executive
  • Procurement specialist
  • Contract officer
  • Supply chain / inventory / logistics analyst
  • Supply chain / inventory / logistics planner


  • What is negotiation is all about? Section 1, Lecture 1
  • Strategic and tactical negotiation Section 1, Lecture 2
  • Negotiating in sourcing Section 1, Lecture 3
  • The kind of outcomes to expect in NEGOTIATIONS Section 2, Lecture 4
  • When to walk away Section 2, Lecture 5
  • What makes a contract binding Section 3, Lecture 6
  • Standard terms and Last Document Rule Section 3, Lecture 7
  • Power in Negotiation Section 4, Lecture 8
  • Supplier Preferencing model Section 4, Lecture 9
  • Developing power in negotiation Section 4, Lecture 10

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Season 5. U Can C Me here

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Season 5. Usa Canada Cuba Mexico here


Interesting and rare moments of everyday life of people in America North.

City Insight

Canada: Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto

Cuba: Havana

Mexico: CancunMexico City, Valladolid

Usa: Boston, BuffaloCambridgeChicago, Cleveland, CupertinoDeabornDetroit, Jersey CityLas Vegas, Los AngelesMiamiMiami BeachMountain View, New York, NewarkNiagara FallsOaklandOrlandoPalo Alto, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Washington


Place Insight

Heritage: Chichen ItzaTeotihuacan

Wildlife: Niagara Falls

Space: Kennedy Space Center


Season 1. Bonus.

Event Insight

Aero: MAKS 2017


Season 2. Bonus.

Belgium: Bruges, BrusselsCharleroi

Catalan Republic: Barcelona

Finland: Helsinki

Germany: Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg

Iceland: Reykjavik

Liechtenstein: SchaanVaduz

Luxembourg: Luxembourg

Portugal: Lisbon

Switzerland: BuchsLucerneZurich


Event Insight

Auto: Frankfurt International Motor Show 2017, Brussels Motor Show 2018, North American International Auto Show 2018

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2017 Procura+ Awards

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2017 Procura+ Awards


Energy Discovery Centre, Tallinn, Estonia

2017 Procura+ Awards on Sustainable and Innovation Procurement with support of ICLEI and European Commission recognise three categories of excellence: Sustainable Procurement of the Year, Innovation Procurement of the Year, and Tender Procedure of the Year.
















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Conference on Innovation Procurement

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Conference on Innovation Procurement


Kosmos IMAX, Tallinn, Estonia


The Conference on Innovation Procurement took place under the Estonian EU presidency on 17th and 18th of October 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia. The Conference also served as the 3rd annual Major eafip Event. The conference programme included:

  • Innovation procurement experiences in Europe
  • EU Member States’ policy and support framework for innovation procurement
  • Economic impact of innovation procurement
  • HORIZON 2020 calls supporting innovation procurements
  • 2017 Procura+ Awards Ceremony on Sustainable and Innovation Procurement

The target audience for the two-day conference was policy makerspublic procurers and innovators. Its aims were capacity buildingexperience sharing and networking about major ICT-related innovation procurement initiatives across Europe and to facilitate networking between stakeholders to discuss new ideas, initiatives and funding opportunities.

The event was co-organised by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MEAC) and the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT) of the European Commission (EC). The conference was supported by the European Union Regional Development Fund. The 2017 Procura+ Awards were supported by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme, and co-ordinated by ICLEI.



Welcoming words:

Urve Palo, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, Estonia









Keynote – How to mainstream innovation procurement in Europe?

Gerard de Graaf, Director, Digital Single Market Directorate, DG CNECT, European Commission








Public procurement of innovation – the policy logic behind the strategic use of procurements

Veiko Lember, Senior Research Fellow, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia











e-solutions in Estonia – living proof of innovation procurements

Andres Kutt, Former advisor, Information System Authority, Estonia











Panel discussion: Innovation procurement as driver for economic growth and address secretol challenges

Moderator: Gaynor Whyles, Director, JERA Consulting Ltd

Helen Kopman, Deputy Head of Unit, Start-ups and Innovation Unit, Digital Single Market Directorate, DG CNECT, European Commission














Andreas Nemec, Managing Director, Federal Procurement Agency BBG, Austria











Evelin Porn-Lee, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia











Kalev Pihl, CEO, SK ID Solutions, Estonia








Session: Innovation procurement experiences (Examples and analysis of innovation procurements across Europe)

Moderator: Gaynor Whyles, Director at JERA Consulting Ltd

Innovation methods for award procedures of ICT learning in Europe. IMAILE

Ellinor Wallin, IMAILE project manager. Sweden




















Teemu Laitinen. CEO Almerin. Finland











Andrea Contino. AMIGO. Spain




















Sweden’s electric roads for heavy vehicles pre-commerciol procurement

Anders Bylund, Head oi Rail and Road Electrification. Siemens Mobility. Sweden














London underground PROLITE lighting PPI procurement, winner of the PROCURA+ Award Innovation Procurement of the Year 2016

Leon Smith, Manager technology and innovation, Transport for London, UK







































David Bide, Commercial Director, Armadillo-ED — Evolution in Lignting. UK

















Telemedicine for Intensive Care Units procurement, THALEA

Dr. Gernot Marx, Professor ot Anesthesrology and Critical Care Medicine and Chair at the University RWTH Aachen, Germany














Panel discussion: Benchmarking the progress on innovation procurement across Europe: EU member states (Austria, Finland, Estonia, and European Commission) policy and measurement framework for innovation procurement

Moderator; Gaynor Whyies, Director, JERA Consulting Ltd. UK

Eva Buchinger, Policy Advisor. Austrian Institute at Technology. Austria














Ville Valovirta, Senior Screntist, lnnovations, Economy and Policy,VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Finland








Paul Jackson, Innovation procurement policy expert, Ministry of Economic Alloirs and Communications. Estonia














Vasileios Tsanidis, Policy Ollicer. DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology. Directorate F Digital Single Market, European Commission






















Академия управления при Президенте Республики Беларусь

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Академия управления при Президенте Республики Беларусь, Институт государственной службы

Минск, Беларусь


Курс повышения квалификации “Организация и проведение закупок товаров (работ, услуг) в строительстве и закупок за счет собственных средств”


Бенсман М.В., Амельченя Ю.А., Богатко А.В., Полящук Н.А., Вашкевич И.Ф., Бакиновская О.А.



  • Правовое регулирование обеспечения строительства товарами (работами, услугами)
  • Организационно-правовые аспекты осуществления процедур закупок товаров (работ, услуг) для строительства
  • Закупки за счет собственных средств
  • Контроль за соблюдением законодательства о закупках товаров (работ, услуг) для строительства, закупках за счет собственных средств


New York Consulting Procurement Conference 2017

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New York Consulting Procurement Conference 2017


American Management Association Times Square, New York, USA


The New York Consulting Procurement Conference is one-of-its-kind event that allows Executives interested in Procuring Consulting Services to connect with peers and experts of the domain to exchange about challenges, best practices and trends in the Consulting industry.


What is innovation in the Digital Environment? George Hemingway, Partner at Stratalis Consulting

The impact of digital transformation on Organization. Thomas Bertels, Partner at Valeocon Management Consulting

How can traditional banks leverage Fintech practices to compete in a digital world? Bijon Mehta, President at Association of FinTech Professionals

Digital in Manufacturing Industries : Supply chain 2.0 ? What else ? Laurent Thomas, VP Strategy at Solvay Novecare

Digitalizing Procurement : Deja vu ? Rajiv Gupta

How digital is transforming Consulting Services ? David Tang, CEO of Flevy


Международная конференция “Управление корпоративной задолженностью”

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Международная конференция “Управление корпоративной задолженностью”

17 февраля 2017

Марриотт Москва Гранд Отель, РФ, Москва, Тверская, 26/1


Данная конференция представляет участникам лучшие практики профилактики и своевременного отслеживания возникновения проблемной задолженности и ведущие практики реструктуризации проблемных долгов, позволяет проанализировать эффективность внутренней службы взыскания долгов vs. коллекторское агентство, а также узнать об эффективных схемах взыскания корпоративной задолженности.


1. Дмитрий Жданухин, президент Ассоциации корпоративного коллекторства

Работа с корпоративными долговыми проблемами: уроки очередного кризиса

2. Сергей Кюрегян, директор по развитию Мосэнергосбыт

Работа с задолженностью по ЖКУ

3. Наталья Петрушина, главный специалист Департамента корпоративных финансов РЖД

Управление оборотным капиталом компании

4. Наталья Дорошенкова, директор КПМГ

Реструктуризация долга: взгляд со стороны компании

5. Евгений Еськин, компания М-Видео

Блокчейн-верификация долга в факторинге

6. Ольга Зимина, начальник службы взыскания долгов СТА Логистик

Эффективные инструменты управления дебиторской задолженностью

7. Людмила Клименко, руководитель по методологии и управлению процессами взыскания дебиторской задолженности клиентов Мегафон

Автоматизация процессов взыскания дебиторской задолженности

8. Анастасия Аминова, менеджер по финансовому контролю AUCHAN

Работа с коллекторскими агенствами

9. Николай Мышковец, начальник отдела казначейства Asstra

Эффективные инструменты взыскания дебиторской задолженности и финансирования кассового разрыва

10. Дмитрий Аверьянов, управляющий процессным офисом Аксиома-Авес

Роботизированное управление проблемными договорами

11. Анна Глазкова, заместитель генерального директра по экономике и финансам ФОРТ

Стратегии досудебного урегулирования просрочки

12. Иван Тактаев, заместитель директора по правовым вопросам НПО Петровакс Фарм

Доказывание факта поставки как основания возникновения задолженности – проблемы судебной практики

13. Конкурс решений корпоративных долговых проблем


mag_dept_03 mag_dept_01 mag_dept_02 mag_dept_04