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Smartly Institute

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Online Educational Course “Finance: Time Value of Money”


Present Value and Future Value

Time value of money: Money in the present is worth more than the same amount of money in the future.
Present value: The value of a sum of money today. Present value calculations move money backwards in time.
Future value: The value of a sum of money at a specific time in the future. Future value calculations move money forwards in time.

The Timeline

Timeline: A tool used for visualizing a time value of money scenario. The periods of a timeline must always be equal.
Inflows of cash are positive numbers and outflows of cash are negative numbers.

Compounding and Discounting

Compounding is the process used to move money forward in time:
Increases the value of a sum of money
Involves multiplication
Calculates future value

Discounting is the process used to move money backward in time:
Decreases the value of a sum of money
Involves division
Calculates present value

Net Present Value

Net present value (NPV): The difference between the present value of all benefits and present value of all costs of a particular investment.
Benefits are represented by cash inflows (positive).
Costs are represented by cash outflows (negative).
Net present value is represented by this equation:

NPV = PV(benefits) – PV(costs)

A positive NPV (inflows > outflows) is an indication that a firm should invest in a project.

Moving Money Over Time

To compare or combine cash flows, they must be moved forward or backward to the same point in time.


MBA Boutique Event MBA25

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MBA Boutique Event MBA25


Moscow, Russia, Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, Kosmodamianskaya nab., 52 bld. 6

MBA25 is the unique MBA Boutique Event connecting best world business schools with high-caliber candidates. Only TOP schools. Only TOP candidates.






Application workshop
TOPIC: “Your way to Top Business School”

20150926_14071220150926_141043 20150926_141648 20150926_142131 20150926_142339 20150926_142602








Panel Discussion with Experts
TOPIC: “MBA and Financing Issues”






Panel Discussion with Business Schools’ Representatives

20150926_154235 20150926_161157





Round Tables with Business Schools’ Representatives and Alumni
Stanford, Wharton, MIT, IE, INSEAD, Yale, Columbia Business School, London Business School, Kellogg School of Management, IESE Business School, Manchester Business School, Duke Fuqua School of Business, Darden, SDA Bocconi, ESMT, Nanyang Business School, NUS, HKUST and Boston Consulting Group







20150926_151052 20150926_151238 20150926_151326 20150926_151404 20150926_151500 20150926_151252 20150926_135509












MBA25 Catalogue

MAB25_cat_01 MAB25_cat_02 MAB25_cat_03 MAB25_cat_04 MAB25_cat_05 MAB25_cat_06 MAB25_cat_07 MAB25_cat_08 MAB25_cat_09 MAB25_cat_10 MAB25_cat_11 MAB25_cat_12 MAB25_cat_13 MAB25_cat_14 MAB25_cat_15 MAB25_cat_16 MAB25_cat_17 MAB25_cat_18 MAB25_cat_19 MAB25_cat_20 MAB25_cat_21 MAB25_cat_22 MAB25_cat_23 MAB25_cat_24 MAB25_cat_25





































MBA Strategy

MBA_Strategy_01 MBA_Strategy_02 MBA_Strategy_03 MBA_Strategy_04







Skolkovo Business School of Management

Skolkovo_01_70 Skolkovo_01_71 Skolkovo_01_72 Skolkovo_01_73 Skolkovo_01_74 Skolkovo_01_75 Skolkovo_01_76 Skolkovo_01_77 Skolkovo_01_78 Skolkovo_01_79 Skolkovo_01_80 Skolkovo_01_81 Skolkovo_01_82 Skolkovo_01_83 Skolkovo_01_84 Skolkovo_01_85 Skolkovo_01_86 Skolkovo_01_87 Skolkovo_01_88 Skolkovo_01_89 Skolkovo_01_90 Skolkovo_01_91 Skolkovo_01_92 Skolkovo_01_93 Skolkovo_01_94 Skolkovo_01_95 Skolkovo_01_96 Skolkovo_01_97 Skolkovo_01_98 Skolkovo_01_99 Skolkovo_01_100









































Skolkovo_01_28 Skolkovo_01_29 Skolkovo_01_30 Skolkovo_01_31 Skolkovo_01_32 Skolkovo_01_33 Skolkovo_01_34 Skolkovo_01_35 Skolkovo_01_36 Skolkovo_01_37 Skolkovo_01_38 Skolkovo_01_39 Skolkovo_01_40 Skolkovo_01_41 Skolkovo_01_42 Skolkovo_01_43 Skolkovo_01_44 Skolkovo_01_45 Skolkovo_01_46 Skolkovo_01_47 Skolkovo_01_48 Skolkovo_01_49 Skolkovo_01_50 Skolkovo_01_51 Skolkovo_01_52 Skolkovo_01_53 Skolkovo_01_54 Skolkovo_01_55 Skolkovo_01_56 Skolkovo_01_57 Skolkovo_01_58 Skolkovo_01_59 Skolkovo_01_60 Skolkovo_01_61 Skolkovo_01_62 Skolkovo_01_63 Skolkovo_01_64 Skolkovo_01_65










































































Skolkovo_01_16 Skolkovo_01_17 Skolkovo_01_18 Skolkovo_01_19 Skolkovo_01_20 Skolkovo_01_21













Skolkovo_01_01 Skolkovo_01_02 Skolkovo_01_03 Skolkovo_01_04 Skolkovo_01_05 Skolkovo_01_06 Skolkovo_01_07 Skolkovo_01_08













Skolkovo_01_10 Skolkovo_01_11 Skolkovo_01_12 Skolkovo_01_13 Skolkovo_01_14 Skolkovo_01_15













Skolkovo_01_22 Skolkovo_01_23 Skolkovo_01_24 Skolkovo_01_25 Skolkovo_01_26 Skolkovo_01_27




















































The New Economic School

RES_07 RES_08 RES_09 RES_10 RES_05 RES_06










RES_01 RES_02 RES_03 RES_04







Mif_01 Mif_02 Mif_03 Mif_04 Mif_05 Mif_06 Mif_07 Mif_08 Mif_09 Mif_10 Mif_11 Mif_12 Mif_13 Mif_14 Mif_15 Mif_16 Mif_17 Mif_18 Mif_19 Mif_20 Mif_21 Mif_22 Mif_23 Mif_24 Mif_25 Mif_26 Mif_27 Mif_28 Mif_29 Mif_30









































MIF Plan







Vlerick Business School

Vlerick_01 Vlerick_02 Vlerick_03 Vlerick_04 Vlerick_05 Vlerick_06 Vlerick_07 Vlerick_08 Vlerick_09 Vlerick_10 Vlerick_11 Vlerick_12 Vlerick_13 Vlerick_14 Vlerick_15 Vlerick_16 Vlerick_17 Vlerick_18 Vlerick_19 Vlerick_20 Vlerick_21 Vlerick_22 Vlerick_23 Vlerick_24














































Prodigy Finance

Prodigy_03 Prodigy_04 Prodigy_05 Prodigy_06 Prodigy_01 Prodigy_02













Nordic Business Forum

Nordic_01 Nordic_02






Tony Robbins Events

Rob_01 Rob_02Rob_03 Rob_04








Tino Elgner. Senior Associate Director of Admissions. IE Business School. Spain

Sarah Bishop. Business Development. Prodigy Finance. UK