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The article “Electronic Auctions: Evaluation of Practical Experience Providers”

The article presents results of a survey about electronic auctions. The survey was presented for suppliers who were asked questions concerning the effectiveness of participation in the procurement of suppliers, as well as to share any technical or functional complexity that exists for distributors who participate in electronic auctions.  Non-standard situations, especially a supplier’s positive or negative experience can be noted for participation in electronic auctions.  They offered their vision of possible improvements to now existing rules.


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The article “New rules for Procurement in Russia”

The article considers some aspects and features of the Federal Law of 05.04.2013 № 44 -FZ,  as well as define some existing problems faced by customers and suppliers in procurement in Russia.






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The article “The Single International Procurement System”

The article presents design principles and steps for creating the single international procurement system.







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The article “Crowdsourcing Model of Company Management: Implementation Mechanism, Advantages and Disadvantages”

The article proposes a crowdsourcing model of company management with a description of the initial stages of task development for crowdsourcing project consulting support, task forming for the project on the Internet,  proposed solutions evaluating to the possibility of company using. It also describes the advantages and disadvantages of this model and also a technique of selection of useful solutions.



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The article “Methods of Assessment of Creative Artworks”

The article tells about the objective, subjective, and a combined approach to the assessment of creative works. In addition, this article presents a method of evaluation of creative work based on the method of expert estimates. It also describes the possible evaluation criteria that can be used in this methodology, and specific examples of the use of this technique.




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