Crypto 2020 Summit

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Crypto 2020 Summit


Crypto sectors covered:

1. Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO)

It’s no secret that the most money is now made on alt-coins over Bitcoin. But making money with alt-coins in 2020 is going to be far different than 2017. For one, initial coin offerings (ICOs) don’t exist. Instead, they’ve been replaced by initial exchange offerings (IEO).

The rules are different. But if you have the know how, the opportunity is the same (if not better). By the end of Crypto Summit you’ll know everything there is to know about IEOs. And you’ll know the best ones coming up just in time for the 2020 bull run.

2. Tokenized Security Assets

Security Tokens are opening up a massive market for investors all around the world, cutting out the middleman for the first time in history. Security Tokens are like ICOs backed by physical assets. They’re incredible opportunities to make money, but they’re highly regulated. Learn how you can get a piece of the profits without being an accredited investor (net worth over $1,000,000).

3. Lending and Interest on the Blockchain

With new blockchain protocols, it’s possible to earn interest from your crypto for the first time. For the first time, you can lend and invest your money anywhere in the world. Imagine investing in start-ups in hot developing countries. Improving their quality of life while earning huge returns. And it’s all on the Blockchain. No governments… no middlemen.

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Blockchain Training Alliance

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Blockchain Training Alliance

Online Educational Course “Blockchain Overview: Business Foundations On Demand”

This course provides general overview of Blockchain technology and covers:

  • Chapter One: What is Blockchain-The Basics
  • Chapter Two: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Chapter Three: Why Use Blockchain?
  • Chapter Four: Decentralized Networks and Ledgers
  • Chapter Five: Types of Blockchain
  • Chapter Six: How Blocks are Created
  • Chapter Seven: Cryptography and Hashing
  • Chapter Eight: Mining a Block
  • Chapter Nine: Types of Consensus
  • Chapter Ten: Blockchain 2.0 and Ethereum
  • Chapter Eleven: Blockchain Use Cases
  • Chapter Twelve: Blockchain Adoption
  • Chapter Thirteen: Web 3.0
  • Chapter Fourteen: Blockchain Implementation
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Season 8. Terra Down Under

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In progress…

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Season 7. Black Ho(l/p)e

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Season 7. Black Ho(l/p)e


Interesting and rare moments of everyday life of people in Africa will be skipped this time until Africa realizes its potential.

City Insight

Tunisia: El Jem, Hammamet, Sidi Bou Said, Sousse, Tunis, Yasmine Hammamet


Place Insight

Heritage: Carthage


Season 1. Bonus.

City Insight

Armenia: Yerevan

Azerbaijan: Baku

Belarus: Rechytsa

Georgia: Tbilisi

Kazakhstan: Almaty

Moldova: Bender, Chisinau, Tiraspol

Russia: Sergiyev Posad

Transnistria: Bender, Tiraspol

Uzbekistan: Samarkand, Tashkent


Event Insight

Military: V-Day Parade 2019

Show: Leningrad 2019, Mumiy Troll 2019, Nights Snipers 2019

Sport: Minsk 2019 2nd European Games, Sochi 2019 Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix


Season 2. Bonus.

City Insight

Portugal: Porto


Season 4. Bonus.

City Insight

Mongolia: Ulan Bator


Event Insight

Sport: China 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup


Stats: Countries 9 (63), Cities 21 (205), Events 7 (36), Places 1 (27)


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Белорусский национальный технический университет

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Белорусский национальный технический университет, филиал БНТУ «Институт повышения квалификации и переподготовки кадров по новым направлениям развития техники, технологии и экономики БНТУ», образовательный центр “Юниверсум”

Минск, Беларусь,

Курс повышения квалификации “Организация и проведение закупок товаров (работ, услуг) в соответствии с законодательством РБ”

Цель курса повышения квалификации – подготовка слушателей к практической работе в сфере проведения закупок, систематизация ранее полученных знаний и закрепление уже имеющихся навыков в части правил проведения закупок в соответствии с действующим законодательством Республики Беларусь.

Особенности курса:

Курс повышения квалификации относится к образовательной программе дополнительного образования взрослых и согласован с Министерством антимонопольного регулирования и торговли (уполномоченным государственным органом по государственным закупкам) в соответствии с ст. 14 п. 2 Закона Республики Беларусь от 17 июля 2018 г. № 136-З О внесении изменений и дополнений в Закон Республики Беларусь «О государственных закупках товаров (работ, услуг)».


Season 6. Amerigo Jr.

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Season 6. Amerigo Jr.


Interesting and rare moments of everyday life of people in America South.

City Insight

Argentina: Buenos Aires, Cordoba

Brazil: Rio de JaneiroSao Paulo

Peru: Aguas Calientes, Cusco, Lima, Ollantaytambo


Event Insight

Carnivals: Rio de Janeiro 2019


Place Insight

Heritage: Machu Picchu


Season 1. Bonus.

City Insight

RussiaNizhny Novgorod, Pskov


Event Insight

Sport: Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup


Season 2. Bonus.

City Insight

Germany: Fussen, Hohenschwangau, IngolstadtMunichNuremberg

Italy: Bologna, Calambrone, Florence, Genoa, Lucca, Maranello, Marina di Pisa, Modena, Monza, Pisa, Pistoia, Rimini, Sant’Agata Bolognese, Treviso, Turin, Viareggio

San Marino: San Marino

Switzerland: Geneva, Lausanne


Event Insight

Aero: ILA Berlin Air Show 2018

Auto: Geneva International Motor Show 2018, Paris Motor Show 2018

Politics: Yellow Vests 2018

Sport: Monza 2018 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix


Stats: Countries 4 (54), Cities 34 (184), Events 7 (29), Places 1 (26)

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Smartly Institute

via Platform


Online Educational Course “Marketing Fundamentals”


Averages, Quartiles, and the Five Number Summary

Descriptive statistics: A way to quickly summarize data within a set using just a few numbers.
Mean: The average of a set calculated by adding all the values in the set and dividing by the number of values in the set.
Outlier: A value or values significantly higher or lower than the rest of the set that can skew the mean of a set.
Median: The middle value in a data set.
Mode: The value that appears most often in the set.
When a set has two modes it is called bimodal. When it has more than two modes, it is multimodal.
Standard deviation: A measurement of the amount of variation from the mean in a data set.
For example, if a data set has a mean of 50 units and a standard deviation of 20 units, we can conclude that most of the data will fall between 30 and 70 units.
Five number summary: The minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, and maximum of a data set.
Each quartile represents 25% of the data within a set.
The first and third quartiles can be found by identifying the medians of the lower and upper halves of the data.
Range: The distance between the maximum and minimum.
Interquartile range (IQR): The distance between the third and first quartiles.

Graphical Organization

Boxplot: A graph representing the five number summary.
The boxed area represents the IQR with the median at the center.
Frequency distribution: A table that sorts data into equally-sized classes.
Frequency: The amount of data points that fall into each class.
Cumulative frequency: The running total of the frequencies.
Relative frequency: The frequency divided by the total number of data points.
Cumulative relative frequency: The running total of the relative frequencies.
Histogram: A frequency distribution shown in graph form.