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Season 5. U Can C Me here

Season 5. Usa Canada Cuba Mexico here


Interesting and rare moments of everyday life of people in America North.

City Insight

Canada: Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto

Cuba: Havana

Mexico: CancunMexico City, Valladolid

Usa: Boston, BuffaloCambridgeChicago, Cleveland, CupertinoDeabornDetroit, Jersey CityLas Vegas, Los AngelesMiamiMiami BeachMountain View, New York, NewarkNiagara FallsOaklandOrlandoPalo Alto, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Washington


Place Insight

Heritage: Chichen ItzaTeotihuacan

Wildlife: Niagara Falls

Space: Kennedy Space Center


Season 1. Bonus.

Event Insight

Aero: MAKS 2017


Season 2. Bonus.

Belgium: Bruges, BrusselsCharleroi

Catalan Republic: Barcelona

Finland: Helsinki

Germany: Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg

Iceland: Reykjavik

Liechtenstein: SchaanVaduz

Luxembourg: Luxembourg

Portugal: Lisbon

Switzerland: BuchsLucerneZurich


Event Insight

Auto: Frankfurt International Motor Show 2017, Brussels Motor Show 2018, North American International Auto Show 2018

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