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Need an idea? Tokyo

December 4, 2022 Leave a comment


Need an idea? Tokyo

Travel StandUp

Photo report is here

The story of the best country.






If someone asks you to describe the best country in the world, what would you imagine? Absolute comfort? Perfect picture everywhere? Ideal people around? Visit Japan.

I have heard from many people that Japan is a country of the 21st century. This is a modern hi-tech country with people of a special mentality. Of course, I wanted to find out.

While some countries build famous landmarks, others conquer your mind and heart with other features. The main feature of the Japanese is their mentality and approach to organizing their lives.

Tokyo 04

The most famous meme about Japan is its hi-tech toilets. Of course, my first thing was to visit such a sanctuary.

At first glance, you experience different feelings from embarrassment to excitement. A lot of buttons and you don’t know how to use them. My first advice, if you can’t find the control area, try to download the manual. Well, I did it, and then the best time to relax began. The best relaxing music, massages, water treatments and so on. After having a great time, I left this place. But then I had a thought. Wait, I didn’t do what I visited this place for (people are laughing).

Tokyo 01

This approach with hints and reminders is everywhere.

Yeah, of course, you can see a lot of convenient infrastructure. Lots of signs and instructions.

But sometimes there are so many and it tells you how you should do it that you suddenly have the thought, what will happen if I do not follow the instructions? Will you get penalties and fines or what? Luckily, during my stay, I didn’t have that (people are not laughing).

Tokyo 05

One of the highest manifestations of this approach I found near some supermarket.

It was a vending machine named “Otsuka”.

Just imagine that you put your money into this machine and it won’t give you your drink. Just say its name and that’s it. Furthermore. You want your money back. But it doesn’t give it to you. Just say its name and that’s it.

Yeah. But the problem is that this vending machine does not serve only Russian-speaking people. (people are laughing).

Tokyo 03

Of course, if the Japanese have their own lifestyle, then they have their own way of rest.

Imagine that you dress up in a cozy dog or elephant costume and then get into a kart to tour the city roads with other people in the same costumes.

Do you imagine that such entertainment is possible in your city?

And the best thing is that everyone around you is taking pictures of you at this moment, and you are taking pictures in return (people are not laughing).

Tokyo 06

Moreover, the Japanese have their own vision of modern culture and art installations. Some of them are very interesting.

For example, the art installation “Initiative”. Each of us can remember his own situation related to such a situation.

I remember the situation at school when the teacher asked “Who is on duty today?” And there was the same big initiative from the pupils.

Someone can remember the legendary movie with the scene “Мясокомбинат… на сегодня нарядов не прислал.” (people are laughing).

To be continued…

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Need an idea? Singapore

December 3, 2022 Leave a comment


Need an idea? Singapore

Travel StandUp

Photo report is here

The story about one of the most comfortable countries for living.

If you want to find the best ho(s)tels and restaurants in Singapore, this post is not for you. In this post, I want to show you my discoveries of the ways of living people (and tourists) in Singapore. Smile and evolve yourself. It’s all about it.

I am sure that you know everything about the history, geography, economy, demographics, culture and infrastructure of Singapore, so let’s find out about the features and bugs of Singapore.

First of all, the main place of the city is the Marina Bay area. The main attractions are concentrated here.


The main symbol of Singapore is the Merlion, which is a mixture of a lion and a fish. And the main way to take a picture with the Merlion is to create the illusion of catching his jet of water. I think everyone can do it in n-th attempt. Either way, you spend a lot of time enjoying the process. In addition, you will have great photos using tourist photo pattern # 3.

By the way, this is not the only way to use the Merlion’s water jet. Some tourists with great imagination (especially from Brussels) can use it in one more position using tourist photo pattern # 1 (people are laughing). And how will you use it?

singapore02Going further, you can see a super modern real warship. This is Louis Vuitton’s fashionable stealth ship. Here you can find all sailor gear including clothes, shoes, gloves and more.

I guess that there is no such warship in the World of Warships, so let’s advise to Chief Marketing Officer of LV group to make his work done properly (people are not laughing).

You can also take a look at this ship at night. It’s pretty awesome too.


Another famous place in the Marina Bay area is the DNA Bridge.

I heard different stories from positive-tuned tourists that walking on this bridge, you can experience some strange feelings that you are a molecule. But I didn’t feel such thing) I think I didn’t take the necessary dope before walking on this bridge  (people are laughing).

Of course, the main iconic landmark of Singapore is Marina Bay Sands. I insist you to add this place to your List of famous hotels to stay in (no kidding).


Well, Singapore is probably the perfect city, but my mind is telling me that something is wrong.

Holly _hit. The construction company forgot to build the opposite corner of the upper deck. Yeah, and the miracle is that everyone thought that was the way it should be. I propose to correct this bug. And the real upper level of the hotel will look like this. Symmetry is our everything (people are not laughing).

The most inspiring part of any modern metropolis is its skyline. This usually makes the city recognizable. And the best way to see Singapore’s skyline is at the top level of Marina Bay Sands.


I said earlier that Singapore is the perfect city, but its skyline is not. I guess one or two skyscrapers are missing. But, as usual, we can fix it right now. Let’s calculate the average height of closely spaced skyscrapers and add, for example, one more skyscraper to the skyline.

All skyscrapers are rectangular, so let’s suggest a modern style skyscraper. Do you remember such skyscrapers in London and Barcelona as the Gherkin and Torre Agbar? Let’s suggest our own cucumber to Singapore. But wait, I guess it is not a cucumber (people are laughing).

To be continued…

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