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6th International Scientific and Practical Conference «Science and Society»

Science and Society6th International Scientific and Practical Conference «Science and Society» (6 международная научно-практическая конференция “Наука и общество”)


London, UK (Лондон, Великобритания)

scieuro.com, pabs-scieuro.com

Conference Papers.pdf, Article.pdf

Article “Essential issues of developing improved methods of scoring commercial offers during the procurement procedure” (Статья “Актуальные вопросы разработки совершенной методики балльной оценки коммерческих предложений при проведении процедуры закупки”)

This article contains:

– an analysis of the scoring techniques of commercial proposals that are currently used in Russia and the European Union;

– the results of developing an improved method that combines only positive characteristics of the scoring techniques;

– reviews of critical situations when any scoring method can give an error;

– description of a new independent method of scoring commercial proposals which prevents miscalculations in critical situations.

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Science and Society Cert


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