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Ethical procurement and supply Certificate.pdf

Ethical procurement and supply 2015 v1 Course

The purpose of this e-learning is to ensure that you fully understand the fundamentals of ethical behaviour when selecting and managing suppliers.

You will be reminded of these constantly throughout your e-learning. The focus will be to ensure that as procurement professionals we are reminded daily of our personal responsibilities to adhere to best practice and demonstrate full integrity at all times.

Transparency. Policies, procedures, procurement processes and the treatment of suppliers must be transparent and open to all. Processes which are not transparent lead to suspicion and can be open to malpractice.

Accountability. Organisations and their staff must be accountable for their actions.

Awareness. Staff must be aware of policies and procedure and of the need to comply. Regular training should be undertaken to maintain awareness.

Good management. Good management practices should be adopted within the organisation to demonstrate its commitment to ethical conduct. This will encourage its staff to behave in the same way.

Corruption. Best practice principles, and legislation in some countries, have reduced occurrences of corruption. However, procurement staff should be aware of their vulnerability as they can still be targets for bribery, especially on high value contracts.

Prevention. Policies, procedures and processes should focus on prevention of malpractice rather than on detection after the event.

Control. Appropriate controls should exist within the organisation to monitor procurement activities to ensure compliance with policies.

Ethical procurement and supply 2015 v1 - Certificate

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