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Season 1. Neighbours

morokoff_map_1024x600 (season 1)

Season 1. Neighbours


Interesting and rare moments of everyday life of people in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine.

City Insight


Russia: MoscowSaint PetersburgPeterhofSochiAdlerKrasnaya PolyanaRosa Khutor



Event Insight

Aero: MAKS 2013

Auto: Motorshow 2013Autoexotica 2013Moscow City Racing 2013European Drag Racing Championship 2013Oldtimer Rally 2013Harley Davidson 2013

Politics: Maidan 2013

Show: Slavianski Bazaar 2013The Romanovs. Legends and destinies 2013

Sport: Moscow 2013 14th IAAF World ChampionshipsMinsk 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World ChampionshipSochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games


Place Insight

National Parks: Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Plants: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant


Stats: Countries 3, Cities 19, Events 13, Places 2

morokoff_map_1024x600 (season 1)

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