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Procurement and Supply Administration Course Book

Procurement and supply administrationProcurement and Supply Administration Course Book

Author(s): CIPS/Profex, www.cips.org

Category: A CIPS Profex Study Packs


Pages: 130

Edition: 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781861242204

Published: Monday, February 25, 2013

This is the course book for the ‘Procurement and supply administration’ unit which forms part of the CIPS ‘Certificate in procurement and supply operations‘ qualification.

On completion of this unit, candidates will be able to explain how effective administration can ensure that timely deliveries are achieved by suppliers. This unit will explain the necessary documentation and administrative processes that are involved in forming agreements with external suppliers.

Procurement and supply administration_01 Procurement and supply administration_02 Procurement and supply administration_03 Procurement and supply administration_04 Procurement and supply administration_05Procurement and supply administration_06Procurement and supply administration_07Procurement and supply administration_08Procurement and supply administration_09Procurement and supply administration_10Procurement and supply administration_11Procurement and supply administration_12Procurement and supply administration_13Procurement and supply administration_14Procurement and supply administration_15Procurement and supply administration_16Procurement and supply administration_17Procurement and supply administration_18

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