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The Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus

Academy of Public Administration

The Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus

Minsk, Belarus


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Academy of Public Administration was established in 1991 initially as the Academy of Public Administration under the Council of Ministers of the BSSR. In 1995 the Academy gained the status of a presidential institution. Nowadays the Academy is among the country’s most prestigious educational establishments and occupies a leading position in the system of training, retraining and in-service training of managerial personnel from state authorities and organisations.

Since the institution’s foundation more than 85 thousand students have been educated within its walls. Among the Academy’s alumni are many people widely known all over the country: high-rank officials, deputies, heads of enterprises, organisations and institutions, those who take care of the today and the tomorrow of our country, its social and spiritual spheres, who represent Belarus in the international arena.

The Academy’s Institute of Civil Service and Institute of Managerial Personnel carry out training of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of public administration as well as retraining and in-service training of managerial personnel. Annually more than 9 thousand people take courses at the Academy. Educational process is provided by professional teaching staff from 17 Academy’s departments among whom are prominent scholars, heads and specialists of Ministries, Constitutional and Economic Courts, public prosecutor’s office, custom authorities, the State Control Committee, deputies of the National Assembly, scientists of Belarus National Academy of Sciences.

Institute of Managerial Personnel secures fundamental training and practical orientation in managerial education. A distance-learning system functions at the Institute. The mentioned system serves as one of the ways to acquire higher education. It uses state-of-the-art educational technologies and gives students an opportunity to take courses distantly using a PC via the Academy’s educational network. Every student gets a package of study materials including lecture notes on each discipline, methodological materials and their e-versions, tests, practical training sessions and workshops on CDs.

The Institute’s study plans are worked out on basis of synthesis of world experience and best national traditions in training university-level specialists. The plans include cycles of subjects in humanities, natural sciences, mathematical, managerial, law and economic disciplines. Serious attention in students’ training is attached to study of modern computer technologies and foreign languages.

Classes are held in two educational buildings in Minsk. The first building is located at 17 Moskovskaya Street and the second – at 22 Karl Marx Street. Apart from that the Academy comprises a modern library, computer labs, specialised study rooms.

In September 2000 Research Institute for Theory and Practice of Public Administration was created at the Academy of Public Administration. The Institute carries out research, innovation, informational and analytical activities, implements innovation projects and programmes of distance learning, renders software and technical support for all the levels of the AIS “Reserve” (Automated Information System that keeps electronic records of the data on managerial personnel – both staff and reserve). The Institute comprises four centers and has a research lab for students. Applied research conducted by the Institute’s staff is aimed at improvement and development of the national system of public administration. Among theoretical and methodological issues that are being elaborated at present special attention is attached to the issues of formation, development and implementation of state personnel policies, including improvement of civil service organisation, system of work with managerial personnel of all administrative levels, technologies of ideological work and political education.

The Academy cooperates vigorously with foreign and national research and educational institutions working in the sphere of training, retraining and in-service training of managerial personnel and specialists. Such cooperation promotes study of international experience and its introduction into the educational process. Among the Academy’s partners are leading institutions in Russia, Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Cuba, Lithuania, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Czech Republic, Armenia, Poland, Vietnam. The Academy has signed 41 agreements on cooperation so far. Joint conferences, workshops, plenary discussions, research projects in the sphere of public administration are regularly conducted at the Academy.

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