Personal exhibition “City tripper. 10 years of the real world as it is”

Personal exhibition



City trip(p)er.


10 years of the real world as it is



1 World, 63 Countries, 205 Cities, 36 Events, 27 Places, 1000 Photos


This personal exhibition contains the most interesting photos of

city infrastructure solutions, weird and funny moments of life

and people relationship


Smile and evolve yourself. It’s all about it





Visited locations:


Best photos:

Prison art

Egg-shaped gas station

Albania Restoration Corp.

Bunkers fate

Local F1 car

Main promenade

Albania Transportation Corp.



Small but proud country

Visited locations:

Cities: Yerevan

Best photos:

Main mountains

Morning exercises. Armenia style

Fernando’s vision

Roses rainbow

Photo props



So much grandeur of the past and all-permissive future

Visited locations:

Cities: Vienna

Best photos:

Medieval parking

Medieval garages

The World Weed Congress (Всемирный конгресс по сорнякам)

The Delegate

Quickie. Austrian style

Longie. Austrian style (not succeed)



Big and proud country

Visited locations:

Cities: Baku

Best photos:

New flag every 5 minutes

Towers are not visible, now we will fix it


Panorama view. Azerbaijan style

Tourist pattern # 3

Azerbaijan Oil Corp.



Sophias’ land

Visited locations:

Cities: Sofia

Best photos:

Modern way of recycling

Let’s make a skate park ourselves

No pistols



Cozy place

Visited locations:

Cities: Siem Reap

Places: Angkor Wat

Best photos:


Tourist pattern # 4

Charging point

Non-exhibition exhibit

National chess championship

World Retailer Congress

Cambodia Transportation Corp.

Cambodia Services Corp.



The country of XXI

Visited locations:

Cities: BeijingHong-kongShanghai

Places: Great Wall of China

Events: China 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup

Best photos:

Panorama view. Chinese style

Where is Matt Damon?

While no one sees

Real condition of the wall, if it is not restored, while no one sees

The greatest background

1 0 00 000 0000 carat

Unpopular fruit market

Morning exercises at 6 a.m. Chinese style

Hey. I’m not red

Oriental Pearl Tower. The essence

Vogue photoshoot

Chinese perpetual motion machine

China Construction Corp. Shanghai branch

China Services Corp. Shanghai branch

Skyscraper scrapes the sky



Not working

Portable lawn

Buddha in the sky

Tourist pattern # 2

Uncut version

Ingenious is simple

Pedal carting

China Construction Corp. Hong Kong branch

Laser show


Prehyper loop

Going to the bakery

Fasion ride

Controversial method

Local recreation area

Don’t stop discovering the world



Greenland hidden owner

Visited locations:

Cities: Copenhagen

Best photos:

Local mermaid

Danish Homunculus loxodontus

Danish family

Border control of the local matryoshka country



The land of empty tombs

Visited locations:

Cities: CairoHurghadaLuxor

Places: Hatshepsut’s TempleKarnakPyramids

Best photos:

Tourist pattern # 1

Always choose your own path

I live a five-minute walk from the Pyramid of Cheops

The country of peace and war

There are not enough resources for everything

The capitalist approach is to be the most inventive in your profession to be the most successful

The newest tourist pattern

Marvel’s Hose-Pipe-Man

Tricolor sea



Almost Scandinavians

Visited locations:

Cities: Tallinn

Best photos:


Sticky and useful modern art

Homunculus loxodontus. Estonia version

Monument for the red line

European approach




Visited locations:

Cities: Helsinki

Best photos:

Urban camouflage

Finland family

Manneken Pis



Magnifique capitale

Visited locations:

Cities: Le BourgetNiceParisVersailles

Events: Paris Motor Show 2018, Yellow Vests 2018

Best photos:

Top 1 picture


The main pyramids of the Louvre, sponsored by Apple and Egypt

Find the masterpiece

Solar baths

Mega gardeners



Monument to the formation process of sending a person in the right direction

Anything for the content

Eiffel Tower elevator keeper


Flashmob 2

Sold bitcoins for $ 100

Panorama view. France style

Feel like a child

Cracked Christmas tree

Movie character

The most loyal fan of summer

Try yourself

Pixel car

Airy hugs

Mobile shower

Let’s run away from the police

To visit list

French design

France Services Corp.

Direction for getting pleasure

France Construction Corp.

Local entrepreneur



It feels like home

Visited locations:

Cities: Tbilisi

Best photos:

Everyone wonders…

…why the groom needs boxing gloves

Outdoor street art gallery

Outdoor bridge towels gallery

They know the standards of joy

If you get such a standard, you are flying in the ocean of joy

The Mother’s standards

No Comments. Great outdoor street show. Great dancing. Great Dancer. Great emotions. Best wishes.

Oh my God. It’s huge


Ice cream that inspires the battle…

“The Eugene VS The Waterfall”

Eugene wins


Great Britain

Great legacy

Visited locations:

Cities: BathLiverpoolLondonManchesterWindsorEdinburghGlasgow

Places: Stonehenge

Best photos:

Who wants to buy an elephant?

British families

Meeting point

At the bottom

Local support

Factory painting

One term president

Cause and effect


City Ads

Photo point

Success marks

Longevity mark

Not a restaurant



Bike rack for dummies

City art

City dweller

Marked territory

People are making Glasgow

Hurrying clock

Have you noticed the plane?

Mind blowing tube

Main dish

Upside down lunch

Dock dwellers



The land of ancient greatness

Visited locations:

Cities: AthensCorinthNafplio

Places: Corinth Canal, Meteora

Best photos:

Unforgettable view

Unforgettable photographer

Unforgettable pose

12 years work

Pompon tradition

What if not your size?

Encyclopedic calendar



Single building country

Visited locations:

Cities: BudapestSzeged

Best photos:

Eco friendly



Blue Lagoon is unforgettable

Visited locations:

Cities: Reykjavik

Best photos:

Our planet is alive


Icelandic Homunculus loxodontus

Arnold in the house


Lost and found

Backpacker’s map

How harsh are the Vikings?

Sex commandments



UK Jr.

Visited locations:

Cities: Dublin

Best photos:


Waiting for happiness

Irish design

Irish reality

Ireland Services Corp.

Anti-theft system



Ferrari homeland

Visited locations:

Cities: MilanRomeSavonaVeniceVerona, BolognaCalambroneFlorenceGenoaLuccaMaranelloMarina di PisaModenaMonzaPisaPistoiaRiminiSant’Agata BologneseTrevisoTurinViareggio

Events: Monza 2018 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix

Best photos:


The most unpopular place in Venice


Dick copies

Italian design

Mother’s Sake

Tourist pattern # 2

Tourist pattern # 3

The most popular tit in Italy

Messages to Juliet

Quickie. Italy style

No bull anymore

Ritual that caused

F1 gondola. 60 km/h

Police gandols

Ancient eco skyscraper

Restored apple

City dweller

You can enter if you have the right keys

The right keys

Beast in a 3d cage

Champion dynasty

There are three things you can watch forever: F1 car

Tourist pattern # 5

Main hopeless hopes

They were so fast but…

…italians, hello everyone

Thought he would not be recognized

Ronaldo’s debut home match

4 injuries

The most loyal fan. 100 days before the sales start

Italy Services Corp.

Italy Services Corp.

Renovation of only one side of the street

Italy Construction Corp.

Italy Oil Corp.

Take the cookies

I am a predator



Not Michael

Visited locations:

Cities: AmmanJerashMadaba

Places: Petra

Best photos:

Inspired by Petra


This guy is doing it…

…on top of this temple

Waiting for the encore show

Waiting for encore life

Not here, not here, not here, not here, not here, somewhere else



Is already Europe?

Visited locations:

Cities: JurmalaRiga

Best photos:

Rorschach test. Card LV

Woman’s standards. Latvian edition

Monument to Unlim



No people country

Visited locations:

Cities: SchaanVaduz

Best photos:

ListenStay country


The most beautiful and comfortable border



Minsk-3 country

Visited locations:

Cities: Vilnius

Best photos:

Modern art

Matryoshka country

Bagel flag



Great “Money/Size” ratio

Visited locations:

Cities: Luxembourg

Best photos:

Anything for the content

The goal of the food companies is that every person is made of coke or beer



Not greek

Visited locations:


Best photos:

Panorama view. Macedonia style

Winter ice rink

Interesting language



Little Asia

Visited locations:

Cities: Kuala Lumpur

Best photos:

F1 cradle

Local high tech

Local low tech

Where are you looking?


Dark knight



BC Maya land

Visited locations:

Cities: CancunMexico CityValladolid

Places: Chichen ItzaTeotihuacan

Best photos:

Panarama view. Mexico style

I was caught

Charging point


Local angel

Heroes of fairy tales

One more

Halloween decorations

Halloween parade

Desirable standards in youth

Bench to move away

Bench to move closer

Authentic idea of icons for metro stations

Parking in non-parking

The newest series




Transnistria inside

Visited locations:

Cities: BenderChisinauTiraspol

Best photos:


Ancient yoga chair

Soviet design

One suvorik



The land of luxury

Visited locations:

Cities: Monaco

Best photos:

Classic design


Flying cow



Single city country

Visited locations:

Cities: Ulan Bator

Best photos:

Top management


Globalization in progress

Director’s favorite employee

Local brigade



Novelty and authentic in every detail

Visited locations:

Cities: Aguas CalientesCuscoLimaOllantaytambo

Places: Machu Picchu

Best photos:

Consultation with a dentist

The point with the best view of natural attractions

Lama pal

Do you have such view at your work?

The 8th March parade


Services on call

Human traffic light



Spain Jr.

Visited locations:

Cities: Lisbon, Porto

Best photos:

Have you noticed the panoramic view?

Big catch is guaranteed

Panorama view. Portugal style

Beach theater

Downtown theater

Downtown art

Power of water

Solving the problem in the most efficient way

Large base trees



Kosovo inside

Visited locations:

Cities: Belgrade

Best photos:

Cause and effect

Monument to the war



El clasico land

Visited locations:

Cities: Barcelona, Madrid

Best photos:

The longest construction ever…


Cosmetology session


… and the view

The greatness of Gaudi

The most inspiring pool

Panorama view. Spain style

Drying out

Monument to the formation process of sending a person in the right direction


It is also the main part of the male body

Fernando’s fantasy

Anti-theft system


The original

Soap worm

Large garden bed

Quality marks

Great showrunner


Write your name

Three-legged messiah

Louis Vuitton movable boutique

Choose my destiny

Targeted request



The land of golden Buddhas

Visited locations:

Cities: Bangkok, Pattaya

Best photos:

The biggest lying Buddha

Great marketing trick

Buddha’s holy place

Women’s standards in Thailand

Thailand Construction Corp. Work in progress

Tourist pattern # 1

Bitcoin mining. Thai style

Thai whirligig

Real driver from above

I trust my friend…

…or I shouldn’t

Never mind. I’m yours

Gennady’s next move

Sleeping after The Lunch

Local delicacies

Octopus shashlik

Thai power medicine



Constantinople is impressive

Visited locations:

Cities: AnkaraDalyanEphesusIstanbulMarmaris

Places: Pamukkale

Best photos:

Final resting place

Daily championship

Error view

-3, -2, -1…

…liftoff, +1, +2, +3

Launch spectators


Panorama view. Turkey style

The best panorama view


Local Olympics

Fire engine

Dance of happiness

Pragmatism or laziness?


Ancient hall for thinkers

Have you noticed a pigeon?

Not protected


Lost bike password

Taxi call point


Local protest

Vacation is over


United Arab Emirates

The country of embodied potential

Visited locations:

Cities: Abu DhabiDubai, Sharjah

Best photos:


Out of gold

UAE Services Corp.




Pop country

Visited locations:

Cities: Vatican City

Best photos:

Management process



Raidens’ country

Visited locations:

Cities: Hanoi

Places: Ha Long Bay

Best photos:

Mr. V. I. Le-nin

The main attraction you don’t want to watch

Morning exercises at 6 a.m. Vietnam style

Group therapy

Local workout

Victoria’s Secret movable boutique

Black friday’s sale

Fast wall cleaning

Small size is everywhere

Ship in the eye of the needle

Adventure plan


Total numbers

1. Neighbours319132
2. 22 Euro224206
3. Arabia52017
4. AsiaTown81943
5. U Can C Me here125047
6. Amerigo Jr.43471
7. Black Ho(l/p)e92171
8. Terra Down Under
9. Point N
10. Point S

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