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Trust-Less 2020: A Proof-Of-Stake Validator Summit

Trust-Less 2020: A Proof-Of-Stake Validator Summit



Themes covered:



  • How Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) Blockchains Work (An Introduction)
  • Transitioning From PoW Mining To PoS Mining (And Why It’s Worth Doing)
  • Validator Economics: How To Calculate Equipment Costs / Mining Rewards
  • Approaches To Validator Architecture & Security: Trust Model & Slashing Basics
  • Staking-As-A-Service Business Model: AKA How I Learned To Mine & Stake (Case Study)
  • Decentralization: Metrics & Methodology For Determining The Health (And Viability) Of A Blockchain Network with Reseachers from ConsenSys
  • A Deep Dive Into Proof Of Stake (PoS) Validator Security & Attack Vectors
  • How To Identify Which Proof-Of-Stake Networks Are Worth Mining (Being A Validator For)
  • How To Acquire Stake: The Different Profiles Of Stakers (Community, Funds, & Service Providers)
  • What Makes A Good Network Custodian: A Candid Discussion On Incentive Alignment
  • Validator Tooling: Innovations On UX
  • Historical Layer-1 Launches (Cosmos + Tezos Case Studies) From The Eyes Of A Validator
  • Heroku For Staking: Democratizing Staking So That Anyone (Not Just Institutions) Can Participate
  • Should Your VC Fund Stake Or Run A Validator?
  • A Candid Discussion On The Future Of Staking-As-A-Service: Exchanges, 0% Fees, and Centralization
  • How To Stay Out Of Jail: Regulatory Basics For A Startup In The Blockchain Space (US-based & International)
  • Crypto Taxes 101: How Taxes For Validators / Block Rewards Work
  • Experimental Business Models For Staking-As-A-Service Companies

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